Thursday, January 26, 2012

Living where you are

People live in rv's, semis, cars...for various reasons and various lenfths of time. It is very different to exit a store with your goods and be home...wherever you're parked. You don't climb in and take off for home. You might be going somewhere else or just stay put till you need to go somewhere else. Find a nice gym with 24 hour access and showers , stay fit and clean. A laundromat, storage room, truck stop and plenty of books on the ipod or kindle. Occasional motel when you want a swim or just a night out. In some ways it may be as beneficial to experience that kind of living where you are as much as a meditation camp, monastery or nudist colony.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A house with no windows.

Straight out with it I personally don't like having windows in my home. Is "seeing out" the motive for windows? Can't that be done quite cheaply these days, with outdoor camera's? Or even a periscope if you must.

Oh the Lighting? I just have to have the lighting. Skylights can do that. Better yet, have you ever reflected the light from the sun onto a building or into someone's eyes by tilting a small even broken off piece of a mirror? Ha, you know you have. If not, go, now if the sun is out, take a hand mirror, make the sun ricochet off of it. Now, Can't you lay those out in such a fashion to keep the sun reflected down into your house through a mirrored light tunnel with openings wherever you want?

The breeze? Really? You live somewhere that moderate that you don't need to change the outdoor temperature the majority of the year? Well even then the rest of the year, windows have long been the culprits for reducing the effectiveness of heaters and air conditioners. But with no windows even that occasional fresh air day would be missed. No, Install crankable roof vents like most every camping trailer has, only fix it where you can rotate the lid around so you'd want it round instead of square. That way the lid "catches" the wind and bounces it down into your house.

Oh ya, escape in a fire. Yes. Also a frequent entry point for criminals there to rob, or worse. An emergency escape door or hatch would do the same thing for you with less risk.

Habit. Well, imagine putting flat screens in a "looks like a window frame" with curtains. opening curtains turns on the lcd monitor and gives you a full camera view of what is out that window, you can change it to look a different way, or change it to play a scene as if that window were looking out over the ocean.

Hail storms...Got any clue how many times the most serious damage was to the windows and then the resulting storm coming through the now busted out window and wiping out your laptop that was setting on the sofa.

Claustrophobic? Use many mirrors, much lighting, and you have more room for very scenic calming paintings. Or have one small porthole by your chair if you must.

But all in all, I give "Windows" a thumbs down.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

People Talking Bad About You?

[1:19:27 PM] I asked my 3rd grade daughter, what would you do at school if some girl was spreading rumors about you that made you look bad, what would you do?

she said: I'd ignore her and walk away.

I asked what if they kept doing it every day? She said; I'd spread rumors about them, then they'd learn their lesson.

I said "What about people you met that believe the rumors ? She said I'd tell them it wasn't true and to shut up and I'd ignore them."

I said "But would you be sad and depressed-when so many people came up to you that believed her?

she nodded

I asked.."What would you do to get over that?".

She said, "I'd forget about it"
"and the people that believed her?"
"yes, them too"
Would you be angry about it? "yeah"
Well what do you mean "forget about it"
"I mean I would ignore them her and them, if they talked to me it would be the same as if they hadn't"

Would you forgive them?
"no, if they kept on doing it I wouldn't, if they were trying to stop I would".